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The Canadian Dairy Production Sustainability Assessment Tool

Dairy Farms + is an innovative and interactive online tool
developed to support Canadian dairy farmers
in meeting their sustainability goals.

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Learn and Assess

Use this section to learn about the best farm management practices (BMPs) and their benefits.
You can also use the self-assessment questionnaire to compare your performance to the sector’s best practices
and start developing your own action plan.

Select one of the following key sustainability topics to get started!

Best management practices (BMPs) library

Measure and Benchmark

Select this module to measure your environmental footprint and compare it to the provincial and national averages. By estimating your dairy farm's environmental footprint, you can establish a baseline for monitoring and assessing your sustainability performance from year to year.

Take Action

Use this section to customize your action plan and prioritize your actions based on the tool’s recommendations and your own preferences or expected benefits.